Fishing Gear Protection

Multiple Rods (3 Pack)

Perfect for those with many rods and a couple fishing friends.  Friends appreciate freebies!  be the talk of your friend group by giving away a couple.  Or, keep this product stocked up to keep your fishing rods and gear protected and easy to clean!

Description: Three 4 oz Bottles 

  • - Easy to Use!
  • - Durable & Flexible
  • - Less Effort Maintaining Your Gear
  • - UV Protection & Heat Resistant 
  • - Fights Oxidation & Corrosion!
  • - Keeps Your Rod Smooth & Shiny 
  • - Environmentally Friendly & Non Toxic 

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We all know the effort that goes into cleaning and maintaining our fishing gear and the last thing that we want to do when we get home from a long day or days out on the water and in the sun is clean our fishing gear. We have come up with the solution to the time consuming process of cleaning our gear and that solution is our Slick Rod Protection Formula. There is nothing else on the market like it and is a new innovation to this industry. Our Formula creates a Silicon based coating (Glass Coating) over your rod that is durable, but yet flexible. It is quick and easy to use and will make the cleaning process even quicker after a long trip. All that is needed after you coat your rod with Slick Rod to clean your rods is a wet microfiber towel. Yes, that is it! No more rinsing your rods down, cleaning with soapy water, and waxing. Just coat, fish and wipe.

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