How to use Slick Rod Protection Formula

Simple, Easy, and Low Maintenance 

Step 1 - Spray On
Simple as it gets, spray a couple pumps of the slick rod protection formula to a clean towel. You can also spray the rod directly, but we feel this will waste more product.  (imagine that, we are telling you not to waste product only t have to buy more)

Step 2 - Wipe On
Using the towel, spread the Slick Rod Protection Formula all over the rod, the rod guides, reel, grip, everything.  Simply wipe the whole fishing rod down top to bottom in order to ensure you don't miss anything.  No, your don't need to wipe the line.

Step 3 - Wait
Let the product setup anywhere from 20 to 40 seconds before wiping again.  This will allow a better bond to the fishing rod.

Step 4 - Wipe
Take a clean towel, or flip the original towel to a clean side and re-wipe the whole fishing rod again  this will remove the excess without removing what is actually bonding to the rod.  

Step 5 - FISH
Enjoy your day of fishing and come back to an easier to clean fishing rod that has UV protection and a slicker feel to it.


Its really that simple and its very effective to use.  For just a few minutes, your rod will be slicker and easier to clean and maintain in a like new condition!  Imageing over the course of time your fishing rod looks like new, you use it for a season and then sell it for almost what you paid for it...this Slick Rod solution will likely get you top dollar for your gear.

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