Alright! So, you have gotten this far and are wanting to know more about Slick Rod Protection Formula (SRPF). Prepare to get hooked! Here we are going to give you the rundown of how SRPF works and the benefits behind it. First, let us start off with the beauty of SRPF and the beauty is, “A little goes a long way!” Really, all you need is about three squirts of SRPF to coat your rod: Thus, saving you time and money. Ok! Are you ready to geek out with us? The reason for the less is more statement is because the nature of SRP Formula. SRP Formula is a liquid compound composed of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) and what that means is SRPF is basically spray-on liquid glass. Why is this important? You might ask. Well, the liquid glass produces a nano-scale glass coating that bonds to the surface of your fishing rod because of the quantum forces involved with the liquid compound. What this does is it creates a water-resistant coating that is transparent, which protects your rod from the hazards water (freshwater and saltwater), heat and UV Radiation/Light can create. Hazards like oxidation (on the rod’s flex coat) and corrosion (on the rod guides, we have all seen it rust and lime forming on our rod guides). SRPF also repels bacteria and even acids (which is great when using live bait). Speaking of live bait, we all know when using live bait fish scales are a nuisance when cleaning your fishing rod; SRPF will prohibit a strong bond of scales, algae, dirt and grime from stick to the fishing rod making it easy to clean using only water or a simple wipe with a damp cloth. The glass is highly flexible and breathable; meaning it will not interfere with the flex of the rod when fighting a fish. The extra layer of protection that SRPF provides will your rod and rod guides some extra durability scratches and abrasions. It will also help with better casting giving your rod guides a smoother surface for the fishing line to run on. Lastly, the coating is environmentally harmless and non-toxic, which is great for the waters we fish. To sum it up SRPF is amazing. We have gone through countless formula and found the one that is best suited to Protect You Rod in the waters that you fish!

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