A Little Goes a Long Way!

Less is More People!

The application behind Slick Rod is very very simple.  As the title says, a little goes a long way.  Taking you step by step, here is how it works.

First, clean your rod.  You don't want to coat over dirt and guts!  
Then, either spray the SLICK ROD onto the rod, or on the towel and then spread it all over the rod, reel, rod guides, etc.  Everything can be protected, this wont hurt anything.  
Flip the towel and give it a quick wipe
Flip the towel again, and give the fishing rod once more quick wipe. go catch a fish and enjoy the time on the water.

It really is that simple to use Slick Rod.  You dont need to soak the towel, or cover every square cm of the rod.  Just a few pumps of the sprayer and you will have enough for a small rod, and maybe 5 pumps for a larger rod.  Once you get this into your hands, its easy to see the value at just 12 dollars per bottle to save hours every year!

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