Rod Guides, Slick Rod Will Help!

What Slick Rod means to your rod guides and how the guides benefit from it.

When I think of rod guides, the phase that comes to my mind is, "Watch the tip!"  We have all been there with a cracked, or missing ceramic insert. Personally, I have lost fish, as well as lures, to a cracked rod guide.  We all know that feeling of losing a fish from something we could have prevented!  Then, there are those times when I am fishing in dirty water and I am not getting the casting distance I want because my rod guides are filled with gunk and grime stuck to them.  Well, that gunk and grime can stick to the line and create drag when casting.  Then, when it dries, it creates frays in the line causing broken lines at times.  Plus, it's simply a pain to clean off.  Now in testing, I thought about all this and started using Slick Rod on my rod guides.  What I have noticed is the guides tend to stay cleaner and debris does not stick to them anymore.  This makes the guides a lot smoother and keeps the friction down when casting. They are a lot easier to clean by just wiping them down with a damp microfiber towel.  As for broken inserts, I cannot say Slick Rod is going to prevent that from happening, but it provides the guides an extra layer of protection.  So, the cracking or missing scenario has yet to be seen, but what I can say is an insert has not cracked on me since I started using Slick Rod on the rod guides..

Here is my process for cleaning my rod guides with Slick Rod.

Step 1:  I wipe the rod guides down and inspect them, removing any grime left on them making sure they are clean.  Of course, if you find a broken guide get it replaced or address it right away.

Step 2:  I get some lint free Q-tips/Swabs.  I noticed cotton Q-tips can leave lint behind when wet which isnt ideal for using Slick Rod. We want them to be nice and smooth when casting.

Step 3:  Remove the lid to your Slick Rod bottle and dip your Q-tip in.  Now, you should only need one dip of this stuff as “A little goes a long way”.

Step 4:  Coat your guides with the dipped Q-tip.  Go all around and over the guides.  Make sure to get everything coated with Slick Rod.

Step 5:  Let the coated guides sit for about 30 Seconds, then wipe off the excess Slick Rod with a clean microfiber towel.

Step 6:  Flip the towel over and wipe one more time.

We recommend letting the coating sit for a couple hours in order for the coating to bond throughout.  The bonding process happens as it dries, but we recommend a longer setup time before being used for best effects.  Give it a go, and add it to your regiment.

Now Go Fish!

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